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Horus eye amulet-/square/

The Eye of Horus /Udjat/

Horus was the falcon-headed solar and sky god from ancient Egypt. He is associated with vitality, health and regeneration. Horus was the son of Osiris and Isis. His right eye was white, and represented the sun, and his left eye was black, and represented the moon.It was a symbol of the power of the God of light, and therefore a popular amulet for protection. On presenting his eye to Osiris, Osiris experienced rebirth.The eye also symbolizes our ability to see with clarity and truthfulness.

Winged scarab beattle

Winged Scarab beetle

In Egypt, an important species of scarab was held sacred by the ancient, sun-worshiping Egyptians, who regarded the beetle as a symbol of immortality. The Egyptians apparently shared the widespread belief that the beetle lays its eggs in this ball of dung, and saw in the life cycle of the beetle a microcosm of the daily rebirth of the sun. The ancient sun-god Khepri was conceived as a great scarab beetle rolling the sun across the heavens. The scarab also became a symbol of the enduring human soul as well, hence its frequent appearance, often with wings spread, in funerary art.

scarab bracelet

Gold horus eye
Horus eye-/middle/-with gold finished

Djed Pillar necklace

Turquoise djed pillar earring

Djed Pillar

The djed column was the Egyptian symbol of "stability". It was the symbol of the tree that grew around Osiris's casket and was used as a pillar in a Byblos palace. The djed was considered necessary to aid in the transformation of human flesh into the spiritual form assumed by the deceased in eternity.

fruit necklace with black beads

turquoise Ankh pendant

djed pillar earring

he Djed column was Egyptian symbol of `stability`, power and resurrection. It was the symbol of the tree that grew around Osiris`s casket. The Djed was considered necessary to aid in the transformation of human flesh into the spiritual from assumed by the deceased in eternity.

winged scarab necklace

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