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Javas Roe

, Hungary. She has been creating ceramic artEva Rajos was born in Budapest since 1974. Her art was first exhibited in 1983 at one of Vienna’s prestigious art galleries. Formerly based in a studio on Naphegy street in Buda, she now works out of her home in Pomaz, Hungary. Eva specializes in ancient sacred arts. She began years ago experimenting with ;Egyptian paste; techniques and has now revisited this method bringing her art to museums in Europe where they are extensively exhibited. Much of Eva Rajos's work is shown and for sale at the Szepmuveszeti Muzeum (Museum of Fine Arts ) in Budapest as well as the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam .


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2006-2018  Ancient Sacred Arts /Javas Roe/ Egyptian / Inca / Pre-inca / Unique faience amulet jewelry


Handmade unique - Ancient Egyptian Symbols - amulets - jewellery - little sculptures - by Javas Roe