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senet-game board2.jpg
Egyptian faience Senet game board made to order

Senet- faience sticks 4 pieces

Senet playing pieces - ab -

Egyptian Senet Game board in black wooden box - Made to order

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Gaming with the Gods

"The senet game is characterized by its rectangular playing field of thirty squares arranged into a pattern of three adjoining parallel rows of ten squares each. A game of both strategy and luck, it was played by two persons who maneuvered their draughtsmen according to the throws of sticks or bones. The name "senet" derives from the ancient Egyptian zn.t, later sn.t or sni.t, meaning "passing," and it refers to the optimum movement of the draughtsmen across the game-squares. The full name of the game was zn.t n.t H'b, the "passing game." ....Importantly, in the minds of the Egyptians, this senet gaming ritual could be performed by both the living and the dead. Through this senet ritual, the player was able to effect a successful passage through the netherworld to achieve spiritual renewal and union with the sun-god, Ra, in this world and the next. Here senet functioned specifically in the solar cycle of spiritual renewal and resurrection through identification with the sun god. The dead could perform this ritual as a magical act to protect themselves on the netherworld journey and ensure union with Ra. The living person could perform this ritual probably to ensure a safe passage after he ultimately died. However, he also performed it to experience the netherworld journey without having to die first, in order to unite with Ra while still alive and achieve a living apotheosis with the creator-god. Thus, the senet gaming ritual was a mystical rite for the ancient Egyptians. The text of the ritual also intimates that rites of initiation were associated with the senet process, the exact nature of which is unclear. However, in general, rites of religious initiation in ancient Egypt were quite mystical with the purpose of uniting--at least temporarily--the living initiate with the divine."

(Peter A. Piccione)

Senet Game Board with green faience tiles - Made to order

Egyptian horus-sons-blue-.jpg
Four sons of Horus amulet made of faience

The four sons of Horus assist the deceased during their journey to the underworld. They protect to canopic jars (jars where the viscera are kept after mummification). Their heads are depicted on the lids of those jars. They are Imsety (human): Guardian of the South,protected by the goddess Isis. Hapi (baboon): Guardian of the North, protected by the goddess Nephthys. Duamutef (jackal): Guardian of the East, protected by the goddess Neith. Kebechsenef (falcon): Guardian of the West, protected by the goddess Selket. They represent the four cardinal directions and are also portrayed on the four corners of the sarcophagus.

Tutankhamon`s winged scarab necklace

Egyptian faience Tawaret goddess amulet

Faience scarab bracelet with glass beads

turquoise lotus flower necklace

Lotus flower faience earring -cobalt blue and antique gold

The lotus flower played a prominent role in the version of the creation story that originated in Heliopolis. Before the universe came into being, there was an infinite ocean of inert water which constituted the primeval being named Nun. Out of Nun emerged a lotus flower, together with a single mound of dry land. The lotus blossoms opened, and out stepped the self-created sun god, Atum, as a child.


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