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All the faience pieces of the jewellery are hand made and fired with real gold or silver lustre.The pendants /amulets/ are painted and sealed on the back side.

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The 'Senet' Game Board

Egyptian Senet Game Board
Gaming with the gods
Peter A. Piccione, Ph.D.
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"...Importantly, in the minds of the Egyptians, the senet gaming ritual could be performed by both the living and the dead. Through this senet ritual, the player was able to effect a successful passage through the netherworld to achieve spiritual renewal and union with the sun-god, Ra, in this world and the next. Here senet functioned specifically in the solar cycle of spiritual renewal and resurrection through identification with the sun god. The dead could perform this ritual as a magical act to protect themselves on the netherworld journey and ensure union with Ra. The living person could perform this ritual probably to ensure a safe passage after he ultimately died. However, he also performed it to experience the netherworld journey without having to die first, in order to unite with Ra while still alive and achieve a living apotheosis with the creator-god. Thus, the senet gaming ritual was a mystical rite for the ancient Egyptians. The text of the ritual also intimates that rites of initiation were associated with the senet process, the exact nature of which is unclear. However, in general, rites of religious initiation in ancient Egypt were quite mystical with the purpose of uniting--at least temporarily--the living initiate with the divine... " 


The Rules

Throw the sticks to see how many squares to move your piece forward.
If you throw a one, four, or six, you get an extra turn.
You can't land on one of your own pieces. 
If you land on the other player's piece, you switch places with them. However, you can't switch with them if they have two or more pieces in a row. 
If the other player has three or more pieces in a row, you can't pass them. 
Some squares are 'safe' squares and some are 'danger' squares. You will learn what they are as you play. 
The first player to get all of their pieces off the board wins the game.


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The Game of Mehen

Mehen Game Board

Mehen the Snake God
He defends the solar bargue of the sun-god during his nightly passage through the underworldHe defends the solar bargue of the sun-god during his nightly passage through the underworld.
Mehen is the only multi-player ancient Egyptian board game known, the others (Senet, Aseb, Hounds & Jackals, etc.) being all two-player games. The main function of the serpent-shaped Egyptian god Mehen was to protect the sun-god Ra from his enemies by coiling around him. In the Old Kingdom, the race-game Mehen took the name and shape of the god: a coiled serpent with the gaming spaces on its back. As “bodyguard”, Mehen symbolises the sun-god’s immediate neighbourhood for the deceased. The deceased walks towards Ra on the back of the serpent-god.
The playing pieces, tiny lions and small balls or discs, were moved from the tail of the snake to the goal on its head. This game was played in Egypt only during the Old Kingdom. The exact rules are unknown but it is thought that up to six players can play, each player competing with the other to be the first to move their piece from the tail of the snake, which is often shaped to resemble the head of some bird, to the head of the snake.

Mehen Gameboard - pawns


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Egyptian Aseb or Twenty Squares Game Board

" Aseb, 'Twenty Squares game' (frequently misidentified as Tjau, The game of Thieves' or 'The Game of Robbers') was played from 3000 B.C. until 400 A.D. and is one of the oldest known games. Aseb is an example of a game that seems to have ;invaded' Egypt from the outside and is certainly closely related to the Sumerian 'Royal Game of Ur' (and possible Cretan relative known as the Knossos Game): it is believed to have been brought to Egypt from Mesopotamia by the Hyksos. This is an excellent game, enjoyable and interesting to play. It was frequently put on the back side of the Senet boards, and eventually combined boards were created. "by Danial U. Thiboult



Jiroft - The Eagle Game board

The Jiroft Civilization: A New Culture of the Bronze Age on the Iranian Plateau


About Jiroft culture at the Penn Museum

Jiroft-Eagle Gameboard

Jiroft game board dices

Jiroft game board 2

Jiroft Game Board pawns

The so called 'Jiroft' game board is one of several with a similar layout.  The board has Twenty  round (squares) Five (round)squares,  each have flower rosettes, 'eyes'.                   

Boards found in Egypt  named - "Game of Twenty Squares" or Aseb - was played, presumably in a similar fashion. The pattern or layout of the game is similar to the "Royal Game of Ur" and the "Jiroft" Board Game. So, the rules of the 'Jiroft' game are the following . This is a race game between 2 players. You have to move through 12 'holes' of the eagle figure with your 6 pawns. On the Eagle board there are 3, flower patterned place, which are safe. On other places, your opposite can remove your pawn.  On the flower patterned places you can throw again and you can move with any  pieces of yours. If you can`t move with any of your pieces than opposite will come again. You have four triangular dices. When you throw them, you have to count the white points on the top of them, but if there is no points, you have to staying out  one round. The target of the game is to leave the board with all of the pieces. The winner of the game is the person who moves out off the Game board first. 

The material of this board is faience. 
The measure is : 23 x 16 cm 

Accessories: 2x6 pawns and 4 "triangular" dices, black velvet case.


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